About me!

Before you ask, no, the picture is not of me. It’s of Eamon Sandwith, Lead Singer of The Chats. If you haven’t heard of them, give them a listen here!

My name is Derek Jones. In certain circles, I’m known as Zeroward, Rasputin, or Grizzly. Please don’t call me those if you meet me in person; unlike WEPTACs, I prefer not to use my cosplay names in public.

I’ve got about 10 years of experience in Cyber. Including an internship from high school, that’s 12 years in the field. Most of this time, I’ve been deep into the offense side: exploit development, vulnerability research, knocking out still used capabilties at 2am, creating shell companies; you name it, I’ve probably done it (to varying degrees of success). Typing this all out, I realize it’s a lot - makes me feel older than I should, or maybe thats my poor posture.

This Github Pages site, my living CV, personal blog, or whatever you want to call it, came out of a COVID fever-induced project. If you’re an employer checking me out, what you see is what you get - just a bit less formal. As I mention in my first blog post, the main goal here is to keep a living record of my unique solutions and discoveries. Keeping over a decade of niche experiences within a few coherent pages is becoming a bit of a challenge - maybe I should’ve paid more attention in English class.

My hobbies? A mix of geopolitics, cyber warfare and security, intelligence analysis, attempting to play the drums/guitar, annoying my girlfriend, and playing with our three cats and a deaf dachshund we rescued.