Advanced Cyber Threat Emulation

Training, Air Force Cyber Command | USAF, 2018

Advanced Cyber Threat Emulation (ACTE) was a course created by myself to teach the members of the Air Force’s Enterprise Computer Emergency and Response Team’s (AFCERT) Threat Emulation Team the skills necessary to perform emulation-focused penetration tests of the United States Air Force’s various enterprise networks. This course acted as a qualification course that allowed them to perform their mission.

Course Curriculum

  • Day 1: Introduction to Threat Intelligence
  • Day 2: Threat Intelligence Guided Workshop
  • Day 3: Developing Internal Capabilities Modeled After Threat Actors
  • Day 4: Planning Emulation-Focused Penetration Tests
  • Day 5: Capstone

Course Goals

Upon graduation of Advanced Cyber Threat Emulation (ACTE), students will be able to perform threat actor emulation-focused penetration tests to assist and assess defensive forces in their ever changing mission of network and enterprise defense.