Cybersecurity Deep Dive: Threat Emulation & Cyber Threat Intelligence Day 1

Training, Tech Port San Antonio, 2023

Threat Theater: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Adversary is a two day course designed to teach the basics of cyber threat intelligence and threat emulation.

This course was cancelled due to illness and is going to be retaught Q1 2024, if you’d like the training material, please reach out to me at

Course Curriculum

  • Hour 1: Introduction and Course Overview
    • Welcome and Introductions
    • Outlining Objectives and Expectations
    • Briefing on Threat Emulation: Setting the Stage
  • Hour 2: The Mechanics of Threat Emulation
    • Exploring Various Threat Emulation Tools and Techniques
    • Discussion on Crafting Realistic Threat Emulation Scenarios
  • Hour 3: Architecting a Threat Scenario
    • Deep Dive: Crafting a Comprehensive Threat Emulation Scenario
    • Analyzing Key Components and Strategies for Threat Emulation
  • Hour 4: Hands-On: Implementing the Threat Scenario
    • Guided Hands-On Exercise: Executing the Crafted Scenario
    • Review and Preparation for Day 2