Cybersecurity Deep Dive: Threat Emulation & Cyber Threat Intelligence Day 1

Training, Tech Port San Antonio, 2023

Threat Theater: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Adversary is a two day course designed to teach the basics of cyber threat intelligence and threat emulation.

This course was cancelled due to illness and is going to be retaught Q1 2024, if you’d like the training material, please reach out to me at

Course Curriculum

  • Hour 1: Recap and Transitioning to Threat Intelligence
    • Quick Recap of Day 1: Resolving any Outstanding Questions
    • Introduction to Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Hour 2: Gathering and Analyzing Cyber Threat Intelligence
    • Detailed Overview of Approaches to Collecting and Analyzing Threat Data
    • Insights into Operationalizing Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Hour 3: Applying Cyber Threat Intelligence in Emulation Scenarios
    • Exploration: How to Seamlessly Integrate Threat Intelligence
    • Strategies to Enhance Threat Emulation Using Real-Time Intelligence
  • Hour 4: Hands-On: Cyber Threat Intelligence in Action
    • Guided Hands-On Exercise: Applying Cyber Threat Intelligence Practices
    • Course Wrap-Up and Final Discussions